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Medicine registration

Registration /re-registration of medicines, medical devices, medical equipment, biologically active additives (BAA), substances in Uzbekistan, makes it possible to enter the market. High-quality procedures enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to enter the market efficiently and at an accelerated pace.

Services for medicines (drugs and pharmaceutical substances) registration, medical devices and medical machinery and biologically active additives in the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Collection, preparation and submission of documents in accordance with the requirements of the General Directorate for Quality Control of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Medical equipment of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Description of the services of registration of Medicinal products in the Republic of Uzbekistan:

Preparation and formation of a dossier for registration, re-registration,

Ensuring compliance with the requirements of various regulatory structures

Registration of applications, letters

Verification of documents necessary for the organization of the registration project implementation

Analysis of submitted documentation

Development, preparation of documents and the formation of a registration dossier in STD format in accordance with the requirements of regulatory authorities

Interaction with various government agencies on obtaining the necessary documents for registration dossiers;

Participation in the development of quality standards, instructions for use of medicines in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities of the country;

Organization of sending and receiving dossiers and samples required for registration / re-registration / amendment in a specific country;

Keeping records of the stages of registration materials examination, the timely provision of responses to the requests of experts;

Keeping records of payment documents;

Maintaining contacts with experts and registrars on drug registration issues;

Interaction with the relevant departments of the company on registration

Maintain current document circulation;

Forming a complete dossier without flaws, the registration cycle for one drug, usually, lasts for 6 months. Below are all the requirements and provisions for the submission of documentation for the registration of drugs and medical machinery approved by the General Directorate for Quality Control of Medicinal Products and Medical Machinery.

The service is carried out according to the “Turnkey” principle and will keep records of work performed and feedback with a partner through the PERSONAL CABINET.

Medical Products
Biologically active additives (BAA)