“Asia Pharm Consulting” provides a range of services for local and foreign companies for the successful introduction of business in the market of Uzbekistan.
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Marketing and promotion

Pharmaceutical consulting company offers services of medicines promotion in the market of Uzbekistan. We present, introduce, develop, advance new preparations - brands, using a unique platform of knowledge of the market, extensive experience, professional skills.

Asia Pharm Consulting provides a full range of trademark management services in the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan. Our company carries out the formation of a marketing strategy for products in promotion process, organizes sales promotions, participates in specialized exhibitions and conferences with the assistance of leading experts in various fields of medicine, holds PR companies using leading media. We offer manufacturers of medicines, biologically active additives, cosmetics the services of a professional team of medical representatives throughout the country. Sales of promoted products and the activities of medical representatives are monitored using the electronic territorial management system ETMS (CRM).

“Asia Pharm Consulting” has created several units for the promotion of drugs. Divisions are divided by manufacturer and by the nature of the products aimed at a specific target audience.

Units aim to interact with target groups:

Hospital purchases

Pharmacy sales, work with pharmacists

Primary outpatient care physicians

Narrow-profile clinics and specialists (oncology, hematology, endocrinology, neurology, etc.)

The company has built a system of professional connections to work with target groups.

We strive to be among the leaders, and for this we constantly improve the working conditions of our employees and improve business processes.

The company guarantees the availability of promoted products throughout the territory of Uzbekistan, through cooperation with the largest national distributors.